User Agreement

General provisions

1.1. This Agreement (hereinafter the “Agreement”) regulates the terms and conditions of service by, hereinafter referred to as “Organizer”, and is addressed to an individual who wishes receive the services of the specified site (hereinafter “Member”)

1.2. The Organizer and the Party shall recognize the procedure and form of this agreement as legally amounting to a written agreement.

1.3. The terms and conditions of this agreement are accepted by the parties in full and without reservation, by acceding to the agreement as set forth on “”

Terms and Definitions

2.1. Prevthe meth of this Agreement is to provide the participant with leisure and leisure services in the game “” in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. These services are, inter alia, the following: gaming equipment buy-to-sell services (, keeping records of meaningful information: gaming account movements, ensuring measures identity and security of participants, development of software integrating into the playground and external applications, information and other services needed to organize the game and service to the participant in its process at the organizer's site.

2.2. The game as a whole, or any element or la skirt pairing external gaming app, created solely for entertainment. The contestant acknowledges that all activities in the game on the playground are entertainment for him. The contestant agrees that depending on the characteristics of his account, the extent of their participation in the game will be available in various ways.

2.3. Participant agrees that he is personally responsible for all activities carried out with game equipment ( buying, selling, entering and withdrawing, as well as gaming activities on playground: create, buy-sell, operations with all game elements and other game attributes and objects used for gameplay.

2.4. Participant recognizes that the degree and opportunity to participate in entertainment on the Games server are the main qualities of the service provided to them.

Rights and obligations of parties

3.1 The rights and obligations of the participant.

3.1.1. Only persons who have achieved civilian capacity under the laws of their country of residence can take part in”. All consequences of failure to comply with this condition are placed on the participant.

3.1.2. The degree and manner of participation in the game are determined by the participant themselves, but may not be contrary to this Agreement and the rules of the playground.

3.1.2. Participant must: Truthfully report information about themselves when registering and at the first request of the Organizer to provide reliable information about his identity to identify him as the owner of the game account; Do not use undocumented features (bugs) and bugs of the game software and promptly inform the Organizer about them, as well as the individuals using these errors; Do not use any external programs kind, for in-game benefits; Do not use the referral link to register multiaccounts for the purpose of receiving a refund from bets. The participant to be seen will be locked and the funds on the balance will be charged for infringement; without usingto advertise one's affiliate link, as well as a resource containing it, mailings or other type of message to persons who have not expressed consent to receive it (spam); may not restrict The access of other participants or others to the Game is obliged to treat the participants in the game respectfully and correctly, as well as the Organizer, its partners and employees, and not to interfere with the work of the latter; do not deceive the Organizer and the participants of the game; do not use profanity and insults in any form; do not defame the actions of other players and Administration; do not threaten violence or physical death of anyoneo; do not disseminate materials that promote rejection or hatred of any race, religion, culture, nation, people, language, politics, state, ideology or social movement; do not advertise pornography, drugs or resources containing such information; do not use actions, terminology or jargon to veal violation duties of the participant; to take care of the necessary computer and other security measures, keep secret and not give to another person or other participant identities: login, account password, etc., not allow unauthorized access to poststhe box listed in the member's account profile. All the risk of the adverse effects of disclosing this data is borne by the participant, as the participant agrees that the playground information security system excludes the transfer of login, password and Member's account identification information to third parties; to be personally responsible for the conduct of its financial transactions and transactions, the Organizer does not bear liability for financial activities between players in transferring game equipment and game currency, as well as other game attributes. of your claims and complaints, first to notify the organizer in writing hherez support page. regularly familiarize yourself with the news of the game, as well as changes to this Agreement and the rules of play in the playground. do not create additional accounts (multiaccounts). Such actions will cause the account to be blocked or zeroed in. Prohibited sale/transfer of accounts Groups of persons “colluding” for benefit to participants/non-conspirators are prohibited “Collusions” - aka cartel conspiracy, criminal conspiracy, co-op. This term defines a group of individuals who, through cooperation, attempt to gain benefits on the site. In case of detectionx, all participants face ban and zeroing, also possible punishment imposed by administrators. Use funds received from the affiliate program only to directly withdraw to your own account.

Organizer rights and obligations

4.1.1. The organizer is obliged to: Provide no charge access to the playground and to participate in the game. Participant pays for Internet access on their own account and incurs other costs associated with this action. Keep a record of the game inventory ( on the member's gaming account. Regularly improve the hardware and software complex, noh doesn't guarantee that the Game software doesn't contain bugs, and the hardware part won't get out of working parameters and will function smoothly. Keep confidentiality with respect to the participant's personal data in accordance with paragraph 6 of this agreement. User payments may be limited to the administration at its discretion. Any person who legally owns game equipment ( is paid a cash amount due to exchange value (, less the cost of carrying out the transaction.

4.1.2. The organizer has the right to: Provide the participant will supplementspruce services, the list of which as well as the terms and conditions of use are determined by this agreement, the rules of the playground and other announcements by the organizer. At the same time, the organizer has the right to change the number and volume of paid services offered, their cost, name, type and effect of use at any time. Suspend this Agreement and disable the participant from the game while an investigation is conducted on the participant's suspicion of violating this Agreement and Rules playground. exclude the contestant from the game if it finds that the contestant has violated this agreement or rules set on the game site, in order 5.10 of this agreement. Partially or completely interrupt the provision of services without warning of the participant during reconstruction, repair and prevention work at the site. The organizer is not responsible for the misfunctioning of the game's software. The participant uses “AS IS” (“AS IS”) software. If the organizer determines that there is a malfunction (error) during the game, the results that took place during the software malfunction may be cancelled or adjusted at the organizer's discretion. Participant agrees not to appeal to orgto the Nizer about the quality, quantity, order and timing of its gaming opportunities and services.

Warranties and Liability 5.1. The Promoter does not guarantee permanent and continuous access to the playground and its services in the event of technical problems and/or unforeseen circumstances, including: the operation or operation of Internet providers, information servers, banking and payment systems, and third party misconduct. The Organizer will make every effort to prevent disruption, but is not responsible for temporary technical failures and interruptions to the Games, regardless of the cause of such disruption.

5.2. Participantfalsifully agree that the organizer cannot be liable for the loss of the participant that arisen in connection with third party wrongdoing aimed at breaching the security system electronic equipment and databases of the game, or due to disruptions, suspension or termination of channels and communication networks used to interact with the participant as well as improper or unreasonable actions by payment systems, as well as third parties.

5.3. The Promoter shall not be liable for losses incurred as a result of the participant's use or not using information about the Game, Game Rules and the Game itself and is not responsibleti for losses or other harm caused by a participant due to his unqualified actions and ignorance of game rules or errors in calculations;

5.4. The contestant agrees that they use the playground for their good will and at their own risk. The organizer does not give the participant any guarantee that they will benefit or benefit from participating in the game. The degree of participation in the Game is determined by the member

5.5. The Organizer is not responsible for the actions of other participants.

5.6. In the event of disputes and disagreements in the playground, the organizer's decision is final and the participant fully agrees with it. All disputes and timesnoglations arising from or in connection with this Agreement shall be subject to negotiation authorization. In the event of a negotiated agreement cannot be reached, disputes, disagreements and requirements arising from this Agreement are subject to resolution in accordance with applicable Russian law.

5.7. The Promoter does not have a tax burden on the Member. Participant undertakes to include the possible income earned on the tax return in accordance with the laws of the country of residence.

5.8. The Promoter may amend this Agreement, playground rules and other documents unilaterally. If changes are made to documents Organizer posts the latest versions of the documents on the playground site. All changes take effect from the moment of placement. The Member shall have the right to terminate this Agreement within 3 days if he does not agree to the amendments. In such case, the Termination of the Agreement shall be terminated pursuant to paragraph 5.9 of this Agreement The Participant is charged with regularly visiting the official website of the Game for the purpose of reviewing official documents and news.

5.9. The Member has the right to terminate this Agreement unilaterally without retaining the game account. All costs associated with participation in the game are not compensated or refundedare being changed.

5.10. The Promoter shall have the right to terminate this Agreement unilaterally and to perform other activities that limit the ability in the Game against a participant or group of participants who are complicit in the alleged violations of the terms of this Agreement. All game attributes, game inventory ( are in the account and on the player account of a member or group of members, and all costs are not refundable or compensated, for except if the Organizer deems it appropriate to offset the costs of the participant or group of participants.

5.11. Organizer and Participant shall be excused in the slathe tea of the circumstances of irresistible force (force majeure), which include, but the list is not limited to: natural disasters, wars, fire (fires), floods, explosions, terrorism, riots, civil unrest, acts of government or regulatory authority, hacking attacks, lack, non-functioning or disruptions of power supply, Internet service providers, networks communications or other systems, networks and services. A party that has such circumstances must notify the other party within a reasonable time and in an accessible way.

5.12. To withdraw funds, the Organizer has the right to request account verification documents that arebut include: image of identity document, photo/screenshot of the deposit check.

5.13. The company has the right to limit the payout amount for the player to a limit of RUB 250.000 (5.000 USD) for one month. The company does not pay interest on existing debts. These terms do not apply to jackpot winnings offered on the Website.


6.1. The Privacy Condition applies to information that the Organizer may receive about the Member during their stay on the Game's website and which may be correlated to this particular by user. The organizer automatically receives and writes to the technical server logs information from your browser: IP address, requested page address, etc. The organizer can write cookies to the user's computer and then use them. The Organizer guarantees that the information reported by the participant when registering in the Game will be used by the Organizer only inside the Game.

6.2. The Organizer may share personal information about the Member to third parties only if:

6.2.1. The participant expressed a desire to disclose this information;

6.2.2. Without this, the Member may not use the desired product or service, in particular - information about names (nics), game attributes - may be available to other participants;

6.2.3. Etthe law requires international law and/or authorities in accordance with legal procedure;

6.2.4. Participant violates this Agreement and playground rules.

The other provisions

7.1. The invalidity of a part or paragraph (subparagraph) of this agreement does not invalidate all other parts and paragraphs (subparagraphs).

7.2. This Agreement shall be set for the entire duration of the playground, that is, indefinitely, and does not imply the expiration period of this agreement.

7.3. By registering and being on the playground, the participant admits that he has read, understood and fully accepts the terms of this Consentthe game rules and other official documents.

7.4. The use of temporary (one-time) postings is prohibited, and the account will be deleted and acted upon. Disposable mail is determined by the site administration. This definition is suitable for mail delivered to purchased domains, and purchased domains are determined by the site administration.

7.4.1. It is not allowed to register more than one account through the site. Such actions will result in the zeroing of the score

7.4.2. Artificial balance playing with scripts is strictly forbidden. The contestant to be seen will be blocked

Bonuses and promotions

8.1. Deposit bonus 10% is accrued on any replenishment. Withdrawal is possible only if you have made a turnover at rates of at least X1.5 of your deposit amount.

8.2. Any bonus that is accrued under any stock requires you to meet the betting turnover condition. Withdrawal is possible only if you have made a turnover at rates of at least X1.5 of your deposit amount.

8.3. Replenishment by activating promo codes or spinning the coin distribution wheel is possible only if the previous bonus is fully used (withdrawing win/losing the amount of promo).

8.4. Any promotions (activating promo codes, receiving coins from the hand wheel) may be used only to play slots, in the event of a violation of the rule, the winnings from other modes will be cancelled.

8.5. The maximum profit that can be earned by a player when receiving any bonus or participating in any promotion may not exceed RUB 1000 unless otherwise stated in the terms of the promotion.