Responsible game

Pandax treats responsible play as a customer service policy. We consider it our responsibility to take responsibility to you, our customers, and to ensure that you enjoy playing on our site, while considering the possible social and financial harm associated with the gambling problem.

Control Problem

Gambling should be seen as a fun pastime, not as a source of income. Whereas most people are able to treat gambling as a holiday, and spend only the means they can afford to spend on risk, for some it can become unsustainable task. To be savedcontrol over your gambling craze, we remind you that when playing, you always need to consider and track

the following points: — Gambling is moderately one form of leisure, not a way of making money

— No need to race wagering — you always have a chance to win another time

— Should play only when you can cover losses

— Keep an eye on the time and keep an eye on the amount of money you spend

— If you need a break from gambling, write a request to online support and we're for the time exclude you from active site players

— If you need someone to talk about lobax problems that may occur during gambling, please contact one of the following organizations

Do you have any problems?

— If you are concerned that gambling may have a negative impact on your life or the lives of your loved ones, the following questions may help you find out:

— Are you distracted gambling from visiting work or study?

- Do you play to just have fun or avoid boredom?

- Do you play alone for a long period of time?

- Has anyone ever criticized you for your fascination with gambling?

— You lost interest in family, Pandax or hobbies because of gambling?

- Have you ever lied to hide the amount of money lost or the amount of time spent gambling?

- Did you lie, steal or borrow money for the purpose of betting?

- Are you reluctant to spend “game money” on anything else?

- Do you play until you lose all your money?

- Does you want to try to win back the lost money immediately after you lose?

- Does the feeling of being lost and despondent when you run out of money while gambling?

- Do quarrels, disorders or frustrations cause you to play?

— Does gambling drive you to depressions and thoughts of suicide?

The more positive questions you gave, the more likely you were to have a gaming addiction. To speak to someone who can give you advice and provide support, please contact one of the following organisations.


If you need a break from gambling, you can exclude yourself from active players on the site by contacting customer service. The account is blocked within seven calendar days after the application is created. Self-exclusion means your account will remain locked and will not be available under any circumstances.

If you are considering self-exclusion, please remember to contact all gambling establishments where you have accounts and ask that your accounts also be blocked there. We also recommend paying attention to installing software that allows you to block access to online gambling sites (see filtering systems at the end of the page).

Consulting Organizations GamCare

, a leading reputable organization providing advice, advice and practical assistance social effects of gambling in the UK, is located at: Confidential Helpline: 0845 6000 133.

“Gamblers Anonymous” is an amalgamation of men and women who have banded together to solve their own gambling problems and are willing to help other avid gamblers do the same the most. The organization has regional offices around the world. Information about Players Anonymous services is available at:

Gambling Therapy provides support and advice for those affected by gambling. Gambling therapy group members work both in UKi, so abroad. Information about the site is available at:

Minor players

Opening an account and playing at Pandax Casino are illegal for persons under the age of 18. Pandax Casino takes this issue extremely seriously and responsibly. We check the age of all customers who use payment arrangements available to persons under 18 and additionally carry out random age checks on customers using other forms of arrangements funding. Please note that if anyone under 18 will be usedweb site, then the person's winnings will be confiscated.

Filtering Systems

Filtering allows parents to regulate Internet access based on their chosen criteria. Parents have the right to use filters to restrict or prohibit their children from accessing gambling sites. If you are using a computer with family or friends who are legally prohibited from registering and betting on our website, or any of them have asked to block them from gambling, please consider the following options on filtering and parental control:

— Net Nanny™

— CyberPatrol